Do not Miss 1000 AZN Gift by Ganja Mall

Reigster Now to Join 1000 AZN Shopping Challange!

Ganja Mall offers an opportunity for everyone to get gifts. Starting from May, everybody can get a chance to participate in Ganja Mall shopping challange by registering at the reception of Ganja Mall.

 You can register with your ID card at the reception. Upon registration, you will be given a coupon on which name, surname, father name and contact details have to be written. One part of coupon will be given to participant and another copy will be  throughn to Lottery Machine.

After defining four participants, the challange will start. Every participant will be given a card in a worth of 1000 AZN and envelope that includes the list of shops and items to buy. 

The one that purchases all items included in the list fastest will be a winner.


  • The name of the participant should be on the coupon given to him. He should present the coupon on competition day. Otherwise, his participation will not be possible.

  • Receipt of each purchase should be kept and presented. 
  • If participant`s performance  is not according to the list or there are no cash receipts, he will not be considered a winner and will be looked at the results of the second leading participant
  • Winner will own all items he bought. Other 3 will get some other gifts.

Hurry Up! First Shopping Challange will be held on 11th of June at 19:00. 

For Your Information:

In order to ensure transparency, the participation of Ganja Mall employees is prohibited.

The participant age must be at least 16 .

ID should be with a photo 

Coupons are only valid for the date written over it

The winner can not participate in next competition, but he can participate after the next.

Please contact 022 267 08 21 for detailed information. Furthermore, you can follow the updates about the event in following link: